Prof. Yehao Song

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University



Consideration of sustainable design






In contemporary China, the disequilibrium of development in different parts of the country has caused a significant imbalance between urban and rural areas. Grounded in the search for a sustainable design strategy that is suitable and localised for China, Song und Partner Atelier (SUP Atelier) from School of Architecture, Tsinghua University has developed three focus points through practice: the use of natural resources; the embodiment of cultural diversity; and the adoption of suitable technologies. Firstly, the use of natural resources in buildings – in terms of both energy and materials – has always been important within China’s age-old architectural tradition, and is also a key part of sustainable design in the country today. Secondly, finding the most suitable materials, construction methods and usage patterns for the spirit of Chinese building, and contributing design power to the preservation of cultural diversity. Thirdly, both high technical and low technical specifications can be appropriate choices in China.