ETIC/RSET/SPSD Joint Symposium 2014, Kanazawa

Economic development and population growth in Asian countries brings profound impacts on environment and urban development. To achieve sustainable development accordance with further economic development and population growth expected in the near future, development of appropriate technology and policies which suit with local context, such as local habitats, culture, citizens' participation, etc., is expected to be more important.

The 2nd International Symposium on Environment, Eco-Technology and Policy in Asia aims to develop an academic network in Asian researchers who work in the fields of pollution control technology (we call it 'eco-technology'), urban planning, biomass utilization, etc. Based on successfully developed networks among Chinese and Japanese researchers in the former symposium, this symposium aim to expand the network to whole Asia. Researchers and graduate students will be invited from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, in addition to China and Japan. We also encourage for students to foster their international viewpoints and deepen their expertise through this symposium.

We hope the symposium contributes to realize sustainable development with good quality of life in Asia.



Organization Committee


Prof. HiraKazu SEKI

Prof. Masami FURUUTI

Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN

Assoc. Prof. Mitsuhiko HATA

Prof. Ryo Honda