ETIC/RSET/SPSD Joint Symposium 2019, Kanazawa

Symposium on Design and Technology of Sustainable Architecture

         The role of architecture and architects in sustainable design has aroused interests and discussions in both academia and profession. Architectural design, especially in terms of climate adaptability and responsive have been seen a huge impact on building use, operation and maintenance. Factors such as building layout, orientation, envelope, and interactions with the surrounding environment, influence both energy consumption as well as service efficiency.

        2019 SPSD+DTSA Scholar Symposium invites scholars and architects all over the world, to come together on the topic of climate response of sustainable architecture design and technology, the topics are extended from urban planning, building design and details to performance evaluation aspects etc., including five topics such as urban ecological restoration under the influence of climate environment, prototype optimization design of sustainable building, big data and application for sustainable design, performance improvement of building materials and components, and performance feedback of sustainable architectural design. Additionally, this special issue provides opportunities for scholars to explore various sustainability strategies regarding different climate zones, sharing experience in design and research. 

         We sincerely invite you to participate and speak on the 2019 SPSD+DTSA Scholar Symposium, during Feb.18, 2019. 


Co-organised by

• Kanazawa University, Japan

• Beijing Jiaotong University, China


SPSD Commission on 

Design and Technology of Sustainable Architecture

Organizing Committee



Prof. Hiroshi HASEGAWA

Prof. Masami FURUUTI

Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN

Assoc. Prof. Mitsuhiko HATA

Assoc. Prof. Ryo Honda

Assoc. Prof. Junjie LI


Program Steering Committees

Ms. Yajing Zhang

Mrs. Xiao Teng

Mr. Rifai Mardin

Mr. Ade Candra Masrul

Mrs. Nurul Aini

Mr. Yuze Dan

Mr. Shunsuke Tsukagoshi

Mr. Teng Wu

Ms. Xiao Guo

Mr. Mi Wu

Mr. Wataru Katayama

Mr. Hiroyuki Tanaka

Mr. Moyu Shen

Mr. Yilin Kou

Mr. Xuefei Song

Mr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha

Mr. Hoang Dinh Viet