EETP (ETIC+SPSD) Symposium 2020, Kanazawa

Symposium on Regional Environment Sustainable Development: Water Environment    


     The role of environmental science and engineering in sustainable design has aroused interests and discussions in both academia and profession in the worldwide. 

2020 ETIC and SPSD will host the Water and Environment Technology Symposium which focus on topics related to the water environment and provide a hybrid-type forum to promote the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge among scientists, engineers, and students. 


This symposium is co-organized by the Regional Environment Sustainable Development (RESD) commission, which Kanazawa University joined from 2017. RESD program is firstly launched from Tsinghua University for exchange of PhD candidates from Asian Universities including Tsinghua University, Tongji University in China, Tohoku University and Kanazawa University in Japan, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangjiu Institute of Science and Technology and Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea. In 2020, Kanazawa University acts as host for RESD program, and pre-meeting of RESD program will be held in Feb. 21, in Kanazawa too.


We sincerely invite you to participate and speak on the 2020 ETIC+ SPSD Symposium, during Feb.21-22, 2020 at Kanazawa University, Japan.



Co-organised by

RESD Commission on 


Regional Environment Sustainable Development  

• Kanazawa University 

Tohoku University

• Tsinghua University

Tongji University

Korea Institute of Science and Technology

Gwangjiu Institute of Science and Technology

Pohang University of Science and Technology


Organizing Committee   


Prof. SHEN Zhenjiang

Assoc. Prof. HATA Mitsuhiko 

Assist. Prof. MATSUURA Norihisa

Assist. Prof. SEKIKUCHI Tatsuya


Program Steering Committees 


 Mr. DAN Yuze, Kanazawa University