Polution Control 


Utilization of treated sewage for carbon dioxide capture and nutrients removal by microalgae cultivation in a membrane photobioreactor

Dr. Ryo Honda (Japan)

Assistant Professor, Kanazawa University 


Degradation of Wasted Sludge Using Sulfate Reduction

Dr. Eri Nakakihara (Japan)

Project Officer of Environment/ an Eco-technological Special Course, Faculty of Environmental Design, Kanazawa University

Sustainable City


Numerical Simulation Analysis of Wind Conditions over a Rectangular Prism-Shaped Building for Mounting Small Wind Turbines.

Dr. Takaaki Kono (Japan)

Assistant Professor, Kanazawa University 

Environmental constrains for sustainable development in the Beijing Metropolitan Area

Dr.Ying LONG(China)*, Zhenjiang SHEN

*Beijing Institute of City Planning


Sewage Sludge Treatment in Kanazawa City 

Shinichi Miyamoto(Japan)

Director, Manufacturing Indudtry Support Section,

Kanazawa City 


Environmental Impact


Characteristics of seasonal variation of ambient nanoparticles in Kanazawa

Linfa Bao(Japan)*, Mitsuhiko Hata, Masami Furuuchi

*Project officer /Postdoctoral fellow,

Environment / Eco-technical Special Course,

College of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University


Occurrence and risk assessment of estrogens and anti-inflammatories in Baiyangdian Lake, North China

Xiaowei Liu(China)* Jianghong Shi, Jinlin Cao, Zifeng Yang

*Doctoral student, Beijing Normal University

State Key Laboratory of Water Environment Simulation, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University


Environmental Policy


Water quality change and environmental policy making process of Lake Biwa

Dr. Naoko Hirayama (Japan)

Assistant Professor, Kanazawa University 


Development of Simulation Models for Planning Support of Sustainable Urban Development 

Yan MA(Japan)*, Zhenjiang SHEN

*PhD Candidate,

Graduate school of Natural Science& Technology, Kanazawa University