Prof. Linyu XU


Field: Environmental planning


Research on Regional Comprehensive Ecological Compensation 



     This research identities the negative impacts of existing eco-compensation mechanism in practice that the same standards of eco-compensation are in different areas and the low efficiency of eco-compensation funds. Based on these,   the theoretical frameworks of comprehensive eco-compensation is proposed, and the comprehensive valuation and methods of assessing the effect of the theoretical frameworks of comprehensive eco-compensation are explored. Taking Xishui County in Guizhou province as a case study, the results show that when this criteria enables both the net reward of protectors and the net utility of consumers in eco-compensation are equal to the average investment reward, protectors will be willing to continuously produce additional ecosystem services for consumers, and social conservation cost, value added ecosystem services, and eco-compensation criteria are all equal at this point. This research tests the effectiveness of the theoretical framework for comprehensive eco-compensation.