ETIC/RSET/SPSD Symposium 2019, Kanazawa

Symposium on Design and Technology of Sustainable Architecture, Feb. 18, 2019

Natural Science Lecture Hall, Kanazawa University (S14)

Prof. Jiane Zuo

School of Environment, Tsinghua University


Integrated treatment and utilization of food waste

- a case in Shandong, China

Prof. Stephen  Siu Yu  LAU

Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore


NUS-CDL Tropical Lab Strategies and Technologies


Prof. Tsuyoshi Honjo

Department of Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture,
Chiba University


Application of outdoor thermal comfort map - example of the marathon course of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


Prof. Weijun Gao

Faculty of Environmental Engineering, the University of Kitakyushu


Japan's Initiative on Smart Community for Low Carbon Society Development—Kitakyushu City's Challenge toward a Low-carbon Society

Prof. Brian Pai

Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University


Disaster Risk Communication and Response Behavior based on Transportation Station Protection

Prof. Kyungjin Zoh

Department of Landscape Architecture,Graduate School of Environmental Studies,Seoul National University


Seoul Botanin Park, Inventing New Type of Sustainable Park

Prof. Kenichi Sugihara

Gifu Keizai University, Japan 


Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models for BIM (Building Information Model)

Prof. Yehao Song

School of Architecture, Tsinghua University


Consideration of sustainable design

Prof. Dexuan Song

College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


Study on Mechanism of climate response and ecological restoration in high density urban area

Prof. Jing Wang

School of Architecture, South China University of Technology


Research on Practical Application and Key Technologies of Healthy Building in South China

Dr. Ming Zhao

School of Environment, Tsinghua University


Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste for Value-added Energy Byproducts


Dr. Junjie Li

School of Architecture and Design, Beijing Jiaotong University


Design and Climate-Responsiveness Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Envelope for Modular Prefabricated Buildings



Dr. Sunnie Lau

Department of Architecture, Hong Kong University


Towards a Resilient City – architectural as a smart infrastructure in a high dense city

Dr. Qingguo Wang

China Architecture Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd


Ecological restoration design integrated with city life

Dr. Shimeng Hao

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Performance-based Biophilic Quality Evaluation on Outdoor Spaces: BUCEA Campus as a Case Study

Dr. Changmin Yu

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture



Dr. Shuai Lu

School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shenzhen University


Performance-driven design methods of building shape: investigations based on acoustics and daylight

Dr. Ji Zhang

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

National University of Singapore


Meso scale urban environmental performance evaluation in high density urban context


Ms. Yifan Song

Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore


The Passive in Singapore: Revolution of Green Building Rating System 


Ms. Xiao Guo

Division of Environmental Design, Kanazawa University


Current Status of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home

- From Literature and Product