Symposium of Regional Environment Sustainable Development, March. 5, 2021, Online

RESD Session

Parallel session 1: Regional Environment Sustainable Development



 Moderator :Dr. Norihisa MATSUURA  (10:45- 11:50)


Opening speech

Prof. WU Ye
Assoc. Dean, School of Environment, Tsinghua University

Internationalization for Graduate Education


Wind energy harvesting from flow-induced transverse vibration of cantilevered cylinder and prisms using magnetostrictive material 

Dr. La Ode Ahmad Barata
Prof. Takahiro Kiwata
School of Mechanical Engineering, Kanazawa University


Low-Carbon Fuel Production Via Gasification of Organic Solid Wastes Towards Carbon-Neutralization Target

Assoc. Prof. Zhao Ming
Assist. Dean, School of Environment, Tsinghua University


Recent status of ISO standardization in the field of water reuse in urban areas

Assoc. Prof. Qianyuan WU
Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University


Lunch Break (RESD Meeting for 2021 program)
Moderator : 
 Assoc. Prof. Mitsuhiko HATA (13:00-14:00)


The influence of air flow rate on tar and gas production in biomass gasification: Experiments and modelling

Zhaohe ZHOU
Assoc. Prof. Hiroshi Enomoto
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University


High-rate synthesis of nanoparticles using modulated induction thermal plasmas

Prof. Yasunori Tanaka
Faculty of Electrical,Information and Communication Engineering,Kanazawa University


Chemically enhanced primary sedimentation and acidogenic sludge fermentation for improved nutrient removal and resource recovery from municipal wastewater

Dr. Lin LIN
Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University


Measurement and prediction of annual mass flows of veterinary antibiotics in  the Oyodo River 

Dr. Seiya Hanamoto
Environment Preservation Center, Kanazawa University


Moderator : 
Assoc. Prof. Mitsuhiko HATA (14:10-15:10)


Applications of Environmental Electrochemistry: Current Status and Perspectives

Dr. Kangwoo CHO
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Removal of  PFAS by RO membranes with different salt rejection ratios

Dr. Hiroe Hara-Yamamura
Faculty of Geosciences and Civil Engineering, Kanazawa University


Disaster drills as experiential learning system using mixed reality

Dr. Yuya Yamato
Fukui College


How biodegradable should a biodegradable plastic be?

Dr. Jaewook MYUNG
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Moderator: Dr. Hiroe HARA-YAMAMURA(15:20-16:45)


Study on optimum asphalt content for recycled-plastic road in Phnom Penh Phanny Yos Khmer

Dr. Yos Phanny
Institute of Technology of Cambodia


Analyses of The Road Environments as A Factor of Inconvenience of Store Accessibility: Focusing on The Preference and Amounts of Road Elements on The Route

Dr. Tatsuya Sekiguchi
Kanazawa University


Development of home solar dryer for drying of finish in Cambodia

Dr. Kinnaleth Vongchanh
Institute of Technology of Cambodia


The Improvement of Solid Waste Management System of Tourism Area by Life Cycle Assessment Approach in Supporting the Sustainable Tourism Development

Dr. Rizki Aziz
Andalas University


Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells using Ionic Liquid Assisted-MAPbI3 Nanoparticle-Seeded Growth Approach

Mr. Shahiduzzaman, and Tetsuya Taima
Nanomaterials Research Institute, Kanazawa University


Closing Remark

Dr. Hiroe Hara-Yamamura
Kanazawa University



RESD Pre-Meeting for 2021 program  11:50-13:00

 - The topic of RESD2021

    Kanazawa University will host the Water and Environment Technology Symposium which focus on topics related to the water environment and provide a hybrid-type forum to promote the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge among scientists, engineers, and students. 

      In 2021, Kanazawa University acts as host for RESD program, and pre-meeting of RESD program will be held in March.5, 11:50-13:00 (Japanese time zone) in Kanazawa too.

 - The possibility of online program for summer exchange program in 2021.