Symposium of Environment and Energy Technology for Carbon Neutral Era, Feb. 20-21, 2023

DDP - Enviro. and Energy Technology for Carbon Neutral Era, Feb.20

Guest Speakers from Tsinghua University

Prof.  Jian’e Zuo


Micronization Process of Plastics and Effects of Microplastics on Algae, Vegetables and Crucian



Assoc. Prof. Huan Li


Reshaping food waste treatment process via controlled fermentation to maximize resource recovery and reduce carbon emission

Assoc. Prof. Yi Tao


Microalgae biotechnology for simultaneous advanced wastewater treatment and carbon dioxide fixation


Assoc. Prof. Bing Li


Deciphering a novel chloramphenicols resistance mechanism: oxidative inactivation of the propanediol pharmacophore

Assoc. Prof. Yuxiong Huang


Novel remediation techniques for the effective control of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)


Assis. Prof. Wenlong Wang


Chemical oxidation of recalcitrant trace organic contaminants in reclaimed water


Assis. Prof. Lin Lin


Capacitive deionization technology for wastewater treatment and resource recovery


Assis. Prof. Jong Mui Choo


Pollution Hotspots and Spatiotemporal Variations of Coastal Microplastics Associated with Tropical Monsoons


Assis. Prof. Si Chen


Value-added chemicals and fuel production from bio-based substrates


Speakers from Kanazawa University

Dr. Yasunori Tanaka


Development of Tandem Modulated Induction Thermal Plasmas for Mass Production of Nanoparticle Synthesis


Dr. Takeo Maruyama


Optical Wireless Power Transmission for Moving Objects


Dr. Tatsuo Ishijima


Development of Environmental-friendly Photoresist Film Removal Method using Microwave Excited Water Vapor Plasma


Dr. Yuri Nishiwaki


Development of novel materials by the dissolution of biomass in organic acid


Dr. Norihisa Matsuura

Dr. Ryo Honda

Dr. Seiya Hanamoto

Dr. Ohta Akio

Joint PhD - Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Feb. 21

Prof. Qizhi Mao

Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute

Joint PhD program, Kanazawa University


Prof. Lanchun Bian

Tsinghua University

Prof. Jian Liu

Tsinghua University



Prof. Xi Lu

Tsinghua University


The challenges and opportunities of renewable energy in carbon neutral societies

Prof. Brian Pai

Chengchi University

Prof. Ying Long

Tsinghua University


Measuring Physical Disorder in Urban Street Spaces: A Large-Scale Analysis Using Street View Images and Deep Learning

Dr. Puteri Fitriaty

Tadurako University

Dr. Rifai

Tadurako University


Spatial Model Of Integration Of Production Forest Functions Regim-based Silviculture In Dryland Forest Ecosystems, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Prof. Guangwei Huang

Sophia University

Dr. Jian XING

Director, Nippon Expressway Research Institute

PhD Candidates presentation


Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University Taipei

The Feasibility of Protecting Urban Trees in Taiwan Through Public(Charitable) Trust: The Deliberative Principles of Urban Design Concerning the Use of Floor Area Ratio Incentives for Keeping Urban Trees in Place with Yongkang Creative Design Park as an Example



Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University Taipei


Evaluating the Efficiency of Industrial Zones in Taiwan under the ESG Development Framework