Symposium of Environment and Energy Technology and Policy, Feb. 23, 2024, Kanazawa University


Evaluation of the River Ecological Health in Shenzhen


Prof. Jian’e Zuo

Tsinghua University



Introduction of Display technology in Fuzhou University


Prof. Tailiang Guo

Fuzhou University



Build the city on the city: a transition from spatial expansion to urban renovation


Prof.  Jian Liu

Tsinghua University



TOD map and urban renewal development in Taipei


Prof.  Brian PAI

National Chengchi University



Inferring storefront vacancy using mobile sensing images and computervision approaches


Prof.  Ying Long

Tsinghua University



High Stability Quantum Dot Composites for Mini LED backlighting


Prof. Yun Ye

Fuzhou University



Micro-LED Projection Displays


Prof.  Enguo Chen

Fuzhou University



Development of Environmental-friendly Photoresist Film Removal by Microwave Plasma using Water Vapor


Prof. Tatsuo ISHIJIMA

Kanazawa University


High-Rate Production of Nanomaterials using Modulated Induction Thermal Plasmas and its Optimization by Machine Learning

Prof. Yasunori TANAKA

Kanazawa University



Optical Wireless Power Transmission for Moving Object using Image Recognition


Prof. Takeo MARUYAMA

Kanazawa University


Environment-friendly microfabrication technique for oxide devices using deliquescent materials


Prof. Takeshi KAWAE

Kanazawa University



Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models for Tsunami and Sunlight Simulation


Prof.  Sugihara KENICHI

Kanazawa University