Ms. Yifan Song

Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore



The Passive in Singapore: Revolution of Green Building Rating System 





Singapore includes "green" into compact city-state, calls itself the Garden City. The push to go "green" extends to construction as well – green building has been mandatory since 2008. Due to the unique tropical climate, Singapore is very concerned about passive design, especially natural ventilation design, which can be detailly traced to the government’s attention to natural ventilation criteria in green building decision making, and well natural ventilation application of tropical architecture. The speaker will talk about how the evaluation of natural ventilation evolves in Singapore Green Building Standard – Green Mark. Several remarkable exemplifier buildings of natural ventilation, certificated by Green Mark, are selected to explore how the tropics shape the passive space and passive building. This sharing stimulates the architects, green advocates and other designers to study more about passive strategies and innovative architectural design in the mainstream green.