Prof. Cheng-Min Feng (Taiwan)

Professor, Institute Traffic and Transportation
National Chiao Tung University

Field: Sustainable Transportation and Logistics, Transportation Planning and Management, Urban and Regional Analysis

Research interest:

Transportation policy, global logistics, sustainable development, and transportation and land use.


Lecture Title:

Sustainable Urban Transport Strategies in Taipei City




      Growing congestion in urban areas, increasing air pollution and traffic noise, and rising concern on road safety and energy use constitute challenges to sustainable transportation. The urban transportation policy in Taipei has changed over the past 20 years with the realization that the road building option is no longer the solution to congestion and increases the higher environmental and social cost. Transportation is central to sustainable development. Sustainable urban transportation must satisfy three main principles, that is, economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental and ecological sustainability.

     This lecture contains four sections: the background of Taipei transportation characteristics; the objectives and strategies of sustainable transportation in Taipei; lessons learnt from promoting integrated public transit system including mass rapid transit system, exclusive bus lanes, integrated ticketing system, intelligent transportation system, transit-oriented development; and a conclusion.