Dr. Chien-yuan Lin(Taiwan)

Professor,National Taiwan University

(Graduate Institute of Building and Planning)

Field: Urban Planning

Research interest:

  • Urban redevelopment and regeneration

Science and Technology Park Planning and Development



Lecture Title:

 Urban Regeneration through Smart and Green Technology




Most cities are facing to economic decline problems in their CBD areas.  To be effective in urban regeneration, an appropriate strategy is needed.  In this presentation, based on the background of Taipei city, application of smart and green technology in the promotion of urban regeneration will be demonstrated and discussed.  In addition to the development of a theoretical framework for the urban regeneration strategy, practical experiences gained from Taipei city government will be included.


Essentially, the smart technology mainly indicates computer, networking, and telecommunication technologies.  Aiming as a smart city, various efforts adopted by Taipei city government are discussed. 


Taking opportunity of the 2010 International Horticulture Exposition held at Taipei, a city beautification program was developed and promoted.  In which, a comprehensive plan for landscape greening was prepared and promoted by means of the application of greening technology.  Content and results of implementation will be demonstrated.  It is summarized that the application of both smart and greening technology have resulted significant contribution the regeneration of Taipei city.