Dr. Jiane ZUO  (China)

Professor, Tsinghua University

(Division of Water Environment, School of Environment

Field:Environmental Engineering

Research interest:

  • Anaerobic technology for organic waste/wastewater treatment and energy recovery;
  • Novel nitrogen/phosphorous removal technology from wastewater;
  • Inspection,evaluation and maintenance system;
  • Stormwater collection and treatment in urban and rural area;

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in effluent of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants.



Lecture Title

Research and application of the methods for inspection, evaluation and maintenance for sewer pipes in China




The current situation of the development of the sewer systems in China was summarized, and the main problems caused by the failure operation and maintenance of the sewer systems were introduced. The optical inspection technologies based on Hand-holding Camera (Quick-View, QV) and Closed-circuit Television Inspection (CCTV)  are applying and developing in different China cities. A special coding system for QV technoque were developed recently in China and applied in a Southern city, and some data from this citys sewer pipes was analysed. Based on this results, another coding system for CCTV technique were also developed in China, in which the Linear Function was used to distinguish different sewer pipe defects levels and the quantitative calculation methods were developed for different defects. Then the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (FCE) based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) were used to calculate the Healthy Index (H) and to get an overall score for one section of pipe. The application results of this methods in two China cities were introduced and analysed. Some special methods and technologies for the operation and maintenance of the sewer pipes in China were also introduced.