Opening Ceremony


Prof. KAWAKAMI, Mitsuhiko

Previous SPSD Chairman, Kanazawa University

President, NPO Machiya Institute

Guest Speakers

Prof. SHEN, Guoqiang

The University of Oklahoma


Global Risk Indexes and Socio-Economic Factors for Country-Level Multi-Disasters


Prof. SUGIHARA, Kenichi 

Gifu Keizai University


Automatic Generation of 3D Terrain Models for Disaster Prevention



Prof. FU, Xudong

Wuhan University


Risk Assessment Model for Disasters in Villages

Prof. YAMASHITA, Ryohei

Ishikawa prefectural university, Environmental Science



The actual condition of the safe cognition of space and the possibility of the transmigration supposing a disaster risk


Mr. KAMINARI, Zhenhan

Forum8, Inc




Development of a experience system for tsunami using VR HMD


Mr. THANH, Nguyen Dinh

University of Science Ho Chi Minh City


Road Blockade Caused By Damaged Buildings’ Debris after Earthquake Using GIS

Mr. YAMATO, Yuya

City Hall, Kaga City


A Study on Cooperation Among Inhabitants, School Manager, and Municipality for Evacuation Shelter Planning


Closing remark



Prof. SHEN, Zhenjiang

Kanazawa University

Scientific Committee Members



Prof. SHEN, Guoqiang, University of Olkahoma

Prof. SHEN, Zheniang, Kanazawa university

Prof. ZHAN, Qingming,Wu University




Prof. Xiang, LIU, Prof., The state university of New Jersey 

Prof. TANG, Zhenghong

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Adapting Climate Change Risk Through State-level Hazard Mitigation Plans