Prof. Ming Li, PhD

Professor Okayama University of Science and Technology



Architectural design and architectural planning


Research interest:

Design approach and the architect of the design philosophy, Architecture and North Korean city, East Asia modern architecture and architects, Japan modern architectural history and urban history, Surviving form and architectural life of the historic buildings, Urban reconstruction and architect or building organization


A Historical Study on the activities and plays the role of architectural engineer in the reconstruction of the affected city

A-bomb cities of HIROSHIMA Reconstruction and architects



   Historically, it is often in war and natural disasters cities become ruins in a moment. Atomic bomb cities Hiroshima and northeast of the earthquake city or the like is the case. Restoration of these affected cities, the role of the architectural engineer in the reconstruction cannot be ignored. Hiroshima is about to enter the soon 70 years from the atomic bomb. Reconstruction of history that has risen from the ruins of Hiroshima is of course become a valuable reference for the earthquake reconstruction of Tohoku.

   This study, focusing on the activities of the architect and construction organization in Hiroshima of reconstruction is a bombed city, is intended to clarify about the plays role and activities form of architectural engineer in the reconstruction construction that rises from the post-war ruins . And what is the way and the role to be played by the architect or building organization in the earthquake reconstruction of the results Tohoku? And an object to be bound and so on.

   In this paper, through the various literature survey, 

1) Try some of the review and supplement the Hiroshima reconstruction process. 

2) Clarify the Hiroshima reconstruction architecture and the designer of up to 1955 from 1945.

3) Discuss the activity form of the architect or design organization.



Stricken city, Reconstruction construction, HIROSHIMA, Urban Design, Architect, Activity form, role