Prof. Qingming Zhan, PhD (China)

Professor and associate dean at School of Urban Design,

(Director, Research Centre for Digital City,

Wuhan University



Urban planning and management


Research Interests:

Planning support systems

3D city modeling and applications

Object-based analysis of remote sensing images

Land-cover and land-use classification methods. 



GIS and Remote Sensing based Approaches for Wind Path Planning in dense urban areas 



A number of ecological problems have emerged in the process of fast urbanization. Urban planning has not given full consideration to wind paths or corridors, and this has worsened heat island effect. The paper uses remote sensing to analyze urban heat island effect and evolution, uses local weather data and WRF model to locate wind resources and environment, applies GIS-based surface roughness evaluation as indicators to derive ventilation potential in dense urban areas and uses CFD simulation tools to finds wind entrance, wind paths. The integration of different approaches provide solid bases and tools for urban spatial planning and redevelopment to be able to cope with issues related to climate change and low-carbon city. Several case studies will be introduced which have been implemented in some Chinese cities such as Wuhan, Fuzhou and Zhanzhou.


Key words

Wind environment, ventilation potential, Wind path, Planning guidance,