Ryohei Yamashita, PhD (Japan)

Associate Professor Environmental Science

Ishikawa Prefectural University, 




Research interests:


The Actual Condition of Safe Cognition of Space and Possibility of Transmigration Supposing A Disaster Risk



  I conducted investigation about the big earthquake which makes a hypocenter the Pacific coast area in Japan expected to generate within tens of years. Specifically, I investigated how the residents of a coastal area would recognize the safety of a city area and a rural area. Moreover, I also analyzed how the difference in the cognition would have affected the transmigration consciousness from a coastal area. Investigation was conducted in October, 2015 and about 6,000 persons who live even in Kochi Prefecture from Kanagawa Prefecture answered it.

  As the result, many pregnant facts became clear, and it was expected to be a big suggestion for the national land planning covering a future wide area.