Prof. Puteri Fitriaty

Quality Control Unit of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Tadulako



Thermal Performance of Vernacular House Form in Tropical Hill Area of Palu



The house form determines thermal condition in the building interior. The study aims at identifying natural ventilation strategies in vernacular architecture features which are suitable for a hilly area in the tropics. The result of the study is expected to give design recommendation for modern houses which is thermally comfortable and suitable for the present and the future lifestyles. Vatutela village located in the Tondo hill, Palu is chosen as the study location. The vernacular houses formed a linear pattern of settlements following the village natural shape of topoghrapy.

Field measurement is conducted in two sample houses in Tondo village, Palu Central Sulawesi of Indonesia. The sample houses are chosen purposively based on their roof form and building materials. Outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity are measured simultaneously by employing hobo data logger. The two sample houses are comparatively analysed for their thermal performance to assess the suitable ventilation model in this area.

The study underline that the breathable windows are the most suitable type in this area.