Prof. YAMATO, Yuya

National Institute of Technology, Fukui College



Design of Entrance Size for Living Space of Evacuation Shelter using Mixed Reality



When a large number of people live in an evacuation shelter, it is important to ensure privacy of evacuees within the living space. In the living space, the gaze of others is felt to differing extents depending on how the entrance size is considered to affect privacy. In recent years, development of mixed reality (MR) technology that displays visual information as virtual reality superimposed on real space has proceeded. By using MR, a selection of spatial design can be impressed upon a space for experimental evaluation without requiring a large space or resources. This study is novel because it evaluates privacy from the perspective of experiencing the gaze of outsiders in the experimental space using MR technology. This study aims to design the entrance size of the living space based on the effectiveness of using MR and considering the gaze felt by evacuees; the researchers conduct an impression evaluation experiment using MR, and evaluate privacy related to gaze dependent on the entrance size of the living space. In conclusion, the researchers clarify a suitable entrance size for the design of entrance size of living spaces in evacuation shelters.