Mr. Yuming LIN

Division of Environmental Design, Kanazawa University



The Pre-programming and Visualization of Smart Infrastructure: A Case Study of Huangguan Island



The smart products have gradually stepped into our daily life. Architects and urban planners are now working hard on achieving smart homes and smart cities, which based on the service of smart infrastructure from sensors to displays. However, the smart infrastructure is often regarded as a compliment by smart products and fails to integrate into the overall design and planning. Therefore, incorporating smart infrastructure into the process of city design will be an important issue. This study takes a small island on the southeast coast of Fujian, named Huangguan Island, as an example. When conducting the overall planning of the island, the smart infrastructures covering water supply, power supply, environmental monitoring, data centers, and living services are all carefully pre-programmed. On the basis, these smart infrastructures are visualized using the Unity 3D, which offers intuitive insight for planners working on the program. The case shows the workflow of pre-programming the smart infrastructure in a project and reveals its potentials and importance in the planning process.