Mr. Yuze DAN

Kanazawa University



HoloDesignerA Mixed Reality (MR) Tool for On-Site Design



Designing closely with the existing environment is consistently emphasized in the architectural design and urban planning field since the modernist movement. However, practicing such on-site design is highly challenged because the existing design tool hardly merges virtual design object with the real design environment for visualization and interaction. In this study, a Mixed Reality (MR) tool HoloDesigner on Microsoft HoloLens was designed and developed to address the challenge. We described the development process of HoloDesigner and its core components. Then, through an on-site design application for street furniture, we demonstrate the main workflow and functionalities of HoloDesigner. The results provided evidence that HoloDesigner not only can successfully realize on-site 3D visualization as well as real-time interaction for virtual design object. This work offers new insights on supporting on-site design with MR technology, and make contributions to solving the current visualization and interaction limitation of on-site design by developing an MR design tool.