Mrs. Xiao TENG

Kanazawa University



Principle of Personal Information Collection to Integrate Tourism Management using Smart Visiting Service Management System in Isolated Island



In the new era of Big Data, personal information collected in urban space are complicated because different organizations or companies collected different personal data for different business purposes. The personal information is collected by sensors only in personal mobile devices, but also in smart facilities deployed in building and transportation means in urban space. For smart visiting service management in an isolated island, the personal information collected in island space is possible to be organized in one Big Data database. The personal information is prepared by different entities but accessing to the integrated Big data database for personal information is limited, thus the identification of certain person about all his/her activities is not really possible even in one database, which protects personal information that should not be opened. Reviewing on the smart visiting service management in the case study practice, the principles of personal information collection are clarified in this work.