Prof. SUGIHARA, Kenichi

Gifu Keizai University



Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models for BIM (Building Information Model)



3D building models are important in several fields, such as urban planning and BIM (Building Information Model). However, enormous labor has to be consumed to create these 3D models. In order to automate laborious steps, a GIS (Geographic Information System) and CG “integrated system” that automatically generates 3D models immediately is proposed. The generated 3D models such as smart building and terrain models can be infrastructure that citizens and stakeholder can recognize as their future residence for public consensus. The integrated system has an advantage over 3D model manual creation in efficiency and over procedural modelling in utilizing created 3D models for BIM.


The integrated system can create 3D smart building models with details such as structural skeleton, roofs, walls, windows, doors, solar panels, drainage pipes and et al. which can be utilized for BIM. We have succeeded in developing the integrated system that creates 3D building models and 3D terrain models based on building polygons (footprints) or contour line of digital maps, and the source code of automatic generation system will be transformational to be used for BIM or 3DCG plug-in software. BIM has been giving enormous impact on architectural and civil engineering industries. However, enormous time and labor has to be consumed to create these 3D models for BIM. Therefore, our automatic generation system has a high profile among AEC industry in streamlining the process of BIM models creation.